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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Why Can't This Crazy Love Be Mine

Calgary. Was. Amazing.
Why I am still in this tiny city I'm unsure of, but hey! At least the people rock.
Anyway, I absolutely adored shopping in Calgary, so much so that I didn't get any cute instragrams or pictures to show you, but I got enough clothing to last me at least 5 blog posts so that was totally worth it in my opinion. Now to figure out where to put the clothes...yikes.

I'll have some good updates for you soon! For now I have to reorganize my entire closet, watch this week's Glee and Gossip Girl (so addicted, Blair Waldorf is my idol) and then spend the rest of my day playing the new Zelda game. Which MAY be as good as OoT (may is the key word, because let's be honest. That's a pretty big claim to make!)

Hopefully everyone in America is having a lovely Thanksgiving and is excited for Black Friday! I wish we had that here! Have a lovely weekend everyone :)

Later kitties! xoxo

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