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Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Love Kick Starts Again

Music of the day:
Some of my friends had been posting links to this artist's website for a couple weeks now, and I finally decided to check it out. Have not turned it off, literally listening to it whenever I get a chance. It's so catchy and well strung together, and puts you in a good mood! The sunshine outside doesn't hurt either :)

Anyway, visit this page and listen to all of it!! You will regret it if you don't!
Soundcloud - spenceroakatron

Ps. Tomorrow is my birthday :) I'm pretty excited to spend the day with my mom, go out for supper with my close group of friends and then go dancing all night! We had a family supper, cake and presents last night because it was the only night we were all free! My brother's girlfriend and I share the same birthday (just 2 years apart) so we always celebrate together. 5 birthdays in a row...crazy how time flies! Here's some cake pictures :)

And now here are some Instagrams to tie you over until the next time I take actual pictures!


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