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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Fringe 2012 Day 4

It is about to be the fourth day of the Saskatoon PotashCorp Fringe Theatre Festival, and I couldn't be having a better time!! These are the plays I've seen so far:

The Witch:
Erik is captivating, entrancing and keeps your attention throughout his entire show. He tells the stories of love, grief, pain and happiness and makes you feel what the characters feel!

Vernus says SURPRISE:
A one man show with only an audio track. No lines. The amount of work put into this show blows my mind, the perfection of the timing with the sounds and actions is just ridiculous. Think you have a hard time buying birthday presents?? Try doing it when you're 80!

Dying Hard:
This one man show are people from radio interviews about the cole miners in Newfoundland and performed beta, and the performance is absolutely stunning. It was like I was right there with them, and honestly brought me to tears. This is a must see!!

Lost & Left Behind:
A story telling show that teaches you and tells the story of Brent Hirose's family and how they became proud Canadians from Japan. Brent is funny, captivating and always leaves you wanting more. A definite recommendation for this show.

You all know about the happy folks of Fairytale Land, right? Well how about the ones who just don't fit in? Fred is a logical thinker who just wants to live somewhere without all the magic and nonsense. He meets others who are similar in their non-fairy tale ways on his journey! The script is snappy, creative and all together lovable. Cast and creators get my applause :) Take your kids, nieces, nephews and younger siblings to this family friendly show!

Outside Joke's Summetime Party Jam:
Musical. Improve. Shall I say more?? I happened to go to one about dinosaurs, which couldn't have been more perfect! They're hilarious, adorable and exceptionally talented. I was laughing the entire show and did not want it to end!

No Rest For The Wicked:
In this on-stage radio drama comes a story from the mind of Dr. Frightful! The entire cast is absolutely amazing, and can turn from one character to another with the snap of a finger. The story line keeps you paying attention the entire time, makes you laugh, and all in all creeps you right out. It's awesome.

Cupid and Psyche:
A Roman story, with many amazing characters, stunning costumes, and a whole bundle of talent. This show had me laughing and crying, as it had some amazing jokes it was also a love story between two people who fall for each other despite how different they are. All of the actors in this were absolutely amazing and hilarious.

So those are the plays I've seen, and I've loved everything so far!! Can wait to see many many more! :)


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sad Post

A sad, sad thing happened this weekend. I spilt milk on my laptop. Classic Hope clumsiness, I know. I cried over split milk, how ironic. So posts will be less frequent :( I will be managing my life from my phone for a while which makes things a little more difficult. But at least iPhone has a Blogger App!

So for now I leave you with Instagrams!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Life Will Write The Words

Hey everyone!! How's everyone's summer been going? Mine has been quite lovely :)

So thankful for the amazing weather we've been having in little Saskatchewan. There's been a couple almost-amazing storms, but I'm still waiting for the real big ones with lightening across the sky, and thunder that shakes under your feet. I'm so addicted to storms, ever since I was little and saw "Twister" I've thought they were so neat. My mom even took my brother and I to Defienbaker Hill (the tallest point in our city) when I was about 6 to see a funnel cloud that was right above us! Coolest mom ever, am I right?!

I've been listening to the new Biebs album on repeat since it came out. I know, I know, I'm a dork. But really, I've loved Justin Bieber from the start and can't let everyone making fun of me decide on what music I listen to! I also bought the new Rocket Summer album the day it came out. It's beautiful, as is everything with Bryce Avery, and I just can't tell you what his voice and soul does to my heart. It lifts it up every time I hear just a note of his music. Mmmm. Give it a serious listen.

Homestead ice cream has got to be one of my favourite places in the city to go still, it's got such a cool retro vibe and the homemade ice cream is to die for. I got the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut for the first time and almost went to heaven it was so delightful! Can't wait for a summer filled with ice cream dates, walks by the river and lunches at the Broadway Cafe. I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a good one! Not to mention Fringe is going to be perfect. Best cast, best venue, and so many amazing friends coming back to the city from previous summer that I cannot wait to reconnect with.

Just something about the arts that makes me smile constantly. Did I mention my play is in the Broadway Theatre?! My work will literally be performed on Broadway. Could this summer be any better?

Shirt, necklace and bracelets: Forever21
Shorts: Urban Planet
Sunglasses: Zellers

Best of luck to everyone on having the best summer ever!! I know that's excessively cliche, but I feel like this it is something everyone should try and do every year, always make the most of what life throws at ya!


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Sunday, 17 June 2012

You've Got So Much Love In You

"Hearts need a beat, like awake needs asleep. Like a pen, needs a page. To learn right you need a mistake. Hearts need a mind, like a clock needs the time. Like white needs black. If you leave I hope you need to come back." -The Rocket Summer

Such a beautiful song with heart warming lyrics. Which goes along perfectly with the gorgeous weekend I had. Get ready for me to be all fuzzy for the next while!

My cousin got married yesterday, and it was filled with smiles, tears, laughter and just love all around. It was the first wedding of our family and we're pretty tight-knit so there was a lot of excitement within our family! One of the first times I've seen that girl in a dress too, she's quite the tom boy and it was nice to see her get excited over a dress :) Her husband is more than perfect for her and our family, and we all couldn't be happier to welcome him into our family (although he was basically one of us the day we met him!). It was an outdoor wedding, and thankfully it was sunny out! It rained every single other day of the week, so it was extremely lucky!! The ceremony was beautiful.

Here's some snaps of the newly weds and my lovely family and my handsome date :) He bought a tie just to match me, what a sweetheart!!

Those were just my favourites, so many more photos of the joy that went on!!

Wishing you all get to go to some weddings this summer too! They are so much fun every time. My feet are still killing me from dancing all night, my dance partner really tired me out haha.


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Friday, 8 June 2012

You're So Magnetic

Well, it's official! My play has been cast, and rehearsals will be starting all too soon! My heart beats a little faster and my hands get a little shaky every time I think about what this summer has in store for me. It's thrilling to say the very least! Best part of Fringe? Seeing everyone I've been missing over the past year from all across the country, the continent, and honestly all over the world. Some of my favourites are from Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton, New York, L.A., London and even South Africa. People come from around the globe to be a part of the magic that is the Fringe Theatre Festival, sharing in the same passions and dreams. The people who I've met have been my inspiration to think big, and dream bigger. You can't be stopped if you're determined enough, after all.

Here's the link to my show: The Monster Within
And here are my favourite people, and my recommendations for plays to go to this August!

Lost and Left Behind - New York/Vancouver
No Rest for the Wicked - Saskatoon
The Cucamunga Lounge and Hotel - Saskatoon
The Purdy Boys in, “Midnight at Mystery Point” - London, Ontario
The Witch - Cape Town, South Africa
Underbelly - London, Ontario

African Folk Tales with Erik de Waal - Cape Town, South Africa
Fred - Saskatoon (Shadow Players other show! Goooo to it!)

I'm sure that any of the shows this summer will be amazing, these just happen to be people I know to be spectacular :)

Scream by Usher is on repeat for me right now, sometimes these pop songs are just too darn catchy and I can't help myself!!
Pictures!! Just some Instagrams for now:

Cousins stagette this weekend...preparing for things to get a little crazy. Can't wait!


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