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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

You're All I Want, You're All I Need

Music of the moment: Fleetwood Mac galore. I've been listening to their Greatest Hits album on repeat ever since Stevie Nicks was on American Idol. My best friend and I used to love them as kids because our moms would listen to them whenever we went anywhere, and the music just reminds me of a simpler time :)

Easter was such a lovely weekend for me! Had a few days off so had a lot of family time crammed into it, which is always a plus. Got to see my moms family, my dads family and my best friends family. Hectic, but fun and filled with wine (maybe a little too much at times haha). I really enjoyed seeing the bestie's family, it had been a few months since I had seen her extended family so it was nice to catch up. We are basically sisters, so I am accepted as a part of their family.

Had a great morning with my little sister again, she's quite the gem! Went down Broadway, my favourite street, and took some pictures. Basically just gets me in "Fringe mode" every time I'm on that street! Sigh. I want summer so badly. Soon...soon!

Dress, owl ring, rose ring & necklace from Forever21
Shoes & floral ring from Spring

Everyone had as loving an Easter weekend as I did I'm hoping! Such nice weather, great people. So much love. I really have so much joy in my heart right now, and can't seem to shake this silly smile off my face :)


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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Instagram on Android? Finally.

Here are a handful of the Instagram I've taken since it was released to the Android Market. Couldn't be happier! :)

Life has been hectic for me lately, hence the zero posts for a month. Fringe play writing, working lots, my mom had surgery and the holidays. It all has been keeping me pretty tied up! Hopefully I can get back on track this week and get more organized!!