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Sunday, 17 June 2012

You've Got So Much Love In You

"Hearts need a beat, like awake needs asleep. Like a pen, needs a page. To learn right you need a mistake. Hearts need a mind, like a clock needs the time. Like white needs black. If you leave I hope you need to come back." -The Rocket Summer

Such a beautiful song with heart warming lyrics. Which goes along perfectly with the gorgeous weekend I had. Get ready for me to be all fuzzy for the next while!

My cousin got married yesterday, and it was filled with smiles, tears, laughter and just love all around. It was the first wedding of our family and we're pretty tight-knit so there was a lot of excitement within our family! One of the first times I've seen that girl in a dress too, she's quite the tom boy and it was nice to see her get excited over a dress :) Her husband is more than perfect for her and our family, and we all couldn't be happier to welcome him into our family (although he was basically one of us the day we met him!). It was an outdoor wedding, and thankfully it was sunny out! It rained every single other day of the week, so it was extremely lucky!! The ceremony was beautiful.

Here's some snaps of the newly weds and my lovely family and my handsome date :) He bought a tie just to match me, what a sweetheart!!

Those were just my favourites, so many more photos of the joy that went on!!

Wishing you all get to go to some weddings this summer too! They are so much fun every time. My feet are still killing me from dancing all night, my dance partner really tired me out haha.


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