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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Frozen and Can't Breath

Posts two days in a row! Stoked :)

I just got back from Beauty and the Beast 3D, can't wait to go again! Everyone that knows me is aware of my serious Disney addiction. Just can't seem to shake it ;) It was like -40 out today...a nice Disney pick-me-up is just what I needed!

Music suggestions of the day:
Anything from the Gossip Girl soundtrack!
It's even better if you're an addict to the show like me, but even if you don't watch GG the music from it is amazing. A lot of it is very beautiful and unique, with some extremely talented musicians. It's all mood music, happy/sad/excited/mellow/excited, it's got a song for every occasion!


I'm sort of doing a repeat of yesterday, but pictures of my massive collection of sunglasses and headbands! I didn't realize how many I had until I laid them all out. And I'm positive I'm missing at least 3 pairs of sunnys, possibly more. My headbands are from when Blair Waldorf wore them all the time in Gossip Girl, and now that she has stopped so have I! I didn't notice what I was doing until someone pointed it out, and now I'm proud of myself for following one of my biggest inspirations for fashion! The last few are just showing the ridiculously small amount of space I have for my clothes, which is over flowing. I'm going to be selling/giving away a lot of them soon :)

Have a great day!

P.S. I'm a dork, with a messy room :)

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